Misha Harrison x Bespoke Letterpress Collaboration Interview

Misha Harrison x Bespoke Letterpress Collaboration Interview

Every year we take great pleasure in seeking out amazing artists and designers to collaborate with on our Calendar Collections, this year we were insanely excited to work with talented woodcut artist, Misha Harrison.

As lovers of a puzzle here at Bespoke Letterpress, when we came across Misha's incredible work where every handcrafted piece of the artwork has been sketched out onto the wood, cut, painted and finished to fit perfectly into place like a giant intricate puzzle we reached out to see if she would be interested in translating her wood cut artworks to paper with us immediately.

We took a moment with Misha to explore her inspiration, the nitty-gritty of her creation process and her career to date, we hope you enjoy taking a peek behind the scenes of Misha's intricate works!